Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No Tricks And Lots Of Treats!

It's not quite Halloween yet but I just had to get some treats for my favorite filly! Since the weather has started to get a little soggy, I got Lily a new Himalayan salt lick and a Uncle Jimmy's Hanging ball (in apple flavor, yum) to help keep her occupied during stall time. I love the Himalayan salt licks because they are super hard and therefore last a really long time, the horse can't take a bite out of them like the softer mineral blocks and they come with a hole drilled in them and a small rope so you can tie them through the stall bars to keep them out of any horsey messes on the ground! I also got a few treats for myself because I just got the new Back In The Saddle catalog and they have such great stuff! I got two super cute T-shirts and an all weather hat (like an aussie oilskin hat) that I couldn't resist because I've been watching McLeods Daughters non stop. The shirt to the left is one that I ordered and so very true! What I actually need is good pair of boots and I really like the Ariat Legend western boot (pic below) but that's a treat that I'll have to save for Christmas!