Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Musings

I wonder........

...If it will ever stop raining

...If Lily and I will finally be able to hit the trails this summer

...When I will remember to take the clippers out to the barn so
Lily can have a bridle path again!

...If it would be considered obsession if I watched Twilight again
(I mean I haven't seen it 20 times, yet)

...If I will feel guilty for watching Twilight again, when I could instead
spend extra time at the barn?!! (yes I did just get the Twilight DVD)

OK I do have Twilight on the brain at the moment but I will work through it!
I am actually more excited about the prospect of the coming summer and Lily
and I blazing the trails and hopefully hitting the beach (it's only about 4 miles away!)
Plus as much as I love Edward Cullen, the thought that he'd consider Lily a snack is a little disconcerting ; )

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Shower Overload!

I spent a very soggy morning running around getting hay for Lily. I'm glad that spring is here, the blooming flowers put a smile on my face and I love getting the garden plot ready for planting, but good lord all the rain! Although being that it's Oregon the way you tell it's spring is not the commencement of spring showers but the fact that the showers are a few degrees warmer. Time to dry out and have a nice steaming cup o' joe! Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Channeling my inner farmer

I think I can safely say that spring is almost in the air (please oh please). It's especially easy to say on a day like today, which while not exactly warm, is gloriously sunny!! Earlier this week I bought seeds and earlier today I got out the trusty rotor tiller (yep, I really did) and tilled the garden plot! I am preparing for my foray into carrot farming! Seriously, my horse eats a lot of carrots. They are the "go to" treat of choice and while they don't really cost that much I'm finding that Lily goes through at least 3 bags a week (not even sure what they weigh, but the grocery store size bags) Soooo, why not plant a bunch and save even that little bit, plus know exactly what kind of chemicals (or hopefully none) that were used around them! Oh, and one of the best parts?? I have my own personal fertilizer factory!
Any produce gardeners out there with tips please share!