Friday, March 6, 2009

Channeling my inner farmer

I think I can safely say that spring is almost in the air (please oh please). It's especially easy to say on a day like today, which while not exactly warm, is gloriously sunny!! Earlier this week I bought seeds and earlier today I got out the trusty rotor tiller (yep, I really did) and tilled the garden plot! I am preparing for my foray into carrot farming! Seriously, my horse eats a lot of carrots. They are the "go to" treat of choice and while they don't really cost that much I'm finding that Lily goes through at least 3 bags a week (not even sure what they weigh, but the grocery store size bags) Soooo, why not plant a bunch and save even that little bit, plus know exactly what kind of chemicals (or hopefully none) that were used around them! Oh, and one of the best parts?? I have my own personal fertilizer factory!
Any produce gardeners out there with tips please share!


Amanda said...

Great've got me thinking now :)

BuddahCowgirl said...

lol Let me know if you have a bumper crop, I hope I do!!