Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Musings

I wonder........

...If it will ever stop raining

...If Lily and I will finally be able to hit the trails this summer

...When I will remember to take the clippers out to the barn so
Lily can have a bridle path again!

...If it would be considered obsession if I watched Twilight again
(I mean I haven't seen it 20 times, yet)

...If I will feel guilty for watching Twilight again, when I could instead
spend extra time at the barn?!! (yes I did just get the Twilight DVD)

OK I do have Twilight on the brain at the moment but I will work through it!
I am actually more excited about the prospect of the coming summer and Lily
and I blazing the trails and hopefully hitting the beach (it's only about 4 miles away!)
Plus as much as I love Edward Cullen, the thought that he'd consider Lily a snack is a little disconcerting ; )

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