Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No Tricks And Lots Of Treats!

It's not quite Halloween yet but I just had to get some treats for my favorite filly! Since the weather has started to get a little soggy, I got Lily a new Himalayan salt lick and a Uncle Jimmy's Hanging ball (in apple flavor, yum) to help keep her occupied during stall time. I love the Himalayan salt licks because they are super hard and therefore last a really long time, the horse can't take a bite out of them like the softer mineral blocks and they come with a hole drilled in them and a small rope so you can tie them through the stall bars to keep them out of any horsey messes on the ground! I also got a few treats for myself because I just got the new Back In The Saddle catalog and they have such great stuff! I got two super cute T-shirts and an all weather hat (like an aussie oilskin hat) that I couldn't resist because I've been watching McLeods Daughters non stop. The shirt to the left is one that I ordered and so very true! What I actually need is good pair of boots and I really like the Ariat Legend western boot (pic below) but that's a treat that I'll have to save for Christmas!


Once Upon an Equine said...

Great treats. My two love the Himalayan salt licks too. Hope you get your boots for Christmas.

BuddhaCowgirl said...

Ah thanks! I'm drooling over the boots so I hope I get them too ;) Come on Santa!!

Paint Girl said...

We buy the Uncle Jimmy's hanging balls for our horses. We have to buy 2 at a time, otherwise Brandy won't get to snack on one. Fritzy loves the carrot one and will eat it in a day, since they are spendy, and we can't afford 20 something dollars a day to feed her "habit", we buy her some of the other flavors to make them last longer!! It is so funny to watch them try to eat them!! Best thing we ever did!
I love Back in the Saddle. Great catalog.
Those boots are so cool!!! I love them!! I now have an excuse to buy more boots, since I have to wear boots everyday for my job, I can just tell my OH that mine are worn out, and I really need another pair!! Think it will work?

BuddhaCowgirl said...

I hope it works Paint Girl, a girl can never have too many pairs of boots ;) It is too funny to watch them try and get the hanging balls although Lily does a pretty dang good job of it lol Hers last usually at least two weeks.

prashant said...

I love Back in the Saddle. Great catalog.
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