Monday, December 1, 2008


I LOVE books! I have loved books since my first Dick, Jane and Spot readers in the first grade! I have so many favorite books and authors that this post would be truely huge if I went into them all! However since this is a horse blog , I wanted to mention some instructional type horse books that I think are great!

How To Think Like A Horse - By Cherry Hill
This book has a lot of great horse information! It has chapters on horse senses, phsyiology and nature as well as chapters on how horses commumicate, how they learn and training. This book is rich with illustrations and easy to read.

Building Your Dream Horse - By Charles Wilhelm with Allison Houston
I think this is a great book focusing on foundation training and helpful for anyone who has a younger horse like mine (even if you send your horse to a trainer) In particular two passages in the section called 10 Secrets every horse wants his owner to know sold me on this book: "Use pressure Judiciously-Your job is to understand the least form of pressure you can apply to your horse that still makes her react" and "It's Never Ever the Horses Fault - If we use human lauguage to communicate with the horse, then there will be no commumication. However, if we invest time in learning the horses language, then we start a relationship and earn the respect and partnership we are seeking"

These are just two of my latest reads and I know that there are hundreds of other books out there focusing on horse training and behavior (and everything in between) that I have not if have you any suggestions that have inspired you, I'd love to hear about them!
You can also check out my Shelfari for other books I love!

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