Friday, December 19, 2008


It's a winter wonderland outside and so pretty! But freezing! We've had a few water issues out at the barn so I took out a water tub to supplement Lily's auto water if needed and convinced her once again (it took about 5 minutes) that her blanket was in no way hiding a monster ready to make a snack out of her! She looks thrilled huh!!
I don't think the cold bothers her much but it makes me feel better to know she's got a little extra protection!
I don't know if the snow will last, but it would be really cool to have a white Christmas!!


Pony Girl said...

I think a white Cmas is a possibility for many people this year! ;)
I don't know if the blankets are much help, but since it was under 10 degrees last night, it makes me feel better My Boy had his on! I'm sure Lily is thankful, too!

BuddahCowgirl said...

Yes I agree and the extra carrot "fuel" helped too lol