Thursday, December 4, 2008

OMG.......Is that the sun??

The Pacific Northwest + December = gray & soggy, usually anyway! Imagine my delight to wake up to a bright, clear, sunshiney day! There was a nip in the air but it was so gorgeous out and I was able to hand graze Lily on some select patches of lush green grass. I really enjoy hand grazing her, just the two of us hanging out, with her munching away but every so often she'll put her head up and brush my hand with her might sound a little corny but it touches me when she does that, it seems as though she is acknowledging our little herd of two and telling me she's glad I'm there in her own way! Reminds me of how true a little saying that I heard recently is... "There's something about the outside of a horse thats good for the inside of a (wo) Man. I love to trail ride and show and team pen, but sometimes its the days like today and the little things that make me go WOW, horses are so cool and I'm really lucky!

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