Saturday, January 24, 2009

Super Saddle Search

I need a new saddle! Actually I need a saddle period as I have been borrowing the one I've been using on Lily for the past few months! I've been looking (and drooling) at several, most out of my price range at the moment *sigh* I really like the one at right, it's a Tex Tan trail saddle and about $1100 not exactly chump change for me! I've looked around my area for a used saddle but I haven't found anything worth while so far. I'd rather buy new and buy what I want, it's definitely an investment, but worth it when your considering something that will fit your horse and you and if you take care of it will last many,many years. It's frustrating because I would just save up until I could get what I want if I knew I could count on borrowing for at least another six months (but I don't know that I can) and I hate to spend $500 on a synthetic (althoughI know they can be good saddles) when that's $500 that could have gone towards my dream saddle! I guess it might be time to compromise and get a cheaper synthetic that I can use whenever I need to and take a while longer to save for the "dream" saddle. Maybe I could even hold out for the Tucker trail saddle I've had my eye on!

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