Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Top 5 : Horse Supply Websites

I love a good Tack/horse supply store, the smell of leather, the isles of horse related treasures. My longest running Tack and Supply love affair was Clayton Saddlery ( Clayton, CA, sadly gone forever)I was a constant customer for 5 years and I could spend hours, they had great stuff........ tack, brushes, books, breeches, cowboy boots, Mrs.Pastures cookies, Excaliber Sheath cleaner, you name it! Sadly, where I live now there are no fabulous horse emporiums to wile away the time, so I had to come up with a substitute. While I might have to conjure the scents from memory these Equine supply websites more than make up for it with a mind boggling selection of horse supplies, tack, gifts, DVD's and books! You can also sign up to receive catalogs on these sites and while that may seem unnecessary to some, I love catalogs and getting mail of the equine variety!

1. SmartPak Equine - Pre-measured and packaged supplements. Choose from 300 available supplements and have them individually pre-measured and sealed for your convenience. They can be automatically delivered every 28 days or hold the order to be shipped when you decide! Tons of other supplies, tack is for the English rider.

2. Dover Saddlery- Huge selection of items, tack is for the English rider.

3. Stateline Tack- Great selection and good prices for both the English and Western rider.

4. Horse Health USA- Great prices, huge selection of horse supplies including vaccines, but other than a headstall or two and a few girths, they do not sell tack.

5. Vally Vet Supply- Celebrating their 25th year. Huge selection (including vaccines) English and Western tack, great customer service.


Terry said...

Thank you so much for the great info !
Happy Trails

Breathe said...

I like chick's too. have you been there?

BuddahCowgirl said...

Your welcome and no I haven't seen Chicks, I'm going to check it out, I always love finding new places! Thanks!

allhorsestuff said...

Well hay there! Thanks for commin' by my place and signin' up to "Follow/Lead/Share"! I am cracking up with the way you love your catalogs...I too collect to my husbands great dismay!
I have one that you did not mention. It always has a fantasticaly beautiful cover that I like to have on top of my catalog pile. I do love all the wares inside too..wide range. No tack but horsey, horsey clothing and house and barn wares.
"Back In The Saddle" found here:

Nice to meet you...I'll be around for more fun and reading of you soon!
KacyK w/Washashe mare~

BuddahCowgirl said...

Nice to meet you too!! I did omit Back In The Saddle and I do get that catalog, I love it!!!

allhorsestuff said...

Hi again cowgirl!
You will be doing what you wish with your mare...give it some time and alot of patience/training and courage.
I am again -set back some...have not posted about it, but am layed up and thinking about the solutions. My mare got me off -again- yesterday and this time..I did get hurt. My immeadiate solution is an enclosed riding workspace otherwise known as "An Arena!" It means moving away from the trails I love...but...I think I need to do it for my safety and her continued behaviour modification in training.

Glad you have that catalog I mentioned!
See ya around,