Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Saddle Pad Spun From Golden Thread........

Yep here it is. And I thought gold was supposed to be shiny (apparently it can take on the appearance of finely woven wool as well!) The Professionals Choice SMx Air Ride Saddle pad. The Cadillac of Saddle Pads? For $170+ dollars my horse's back had better feel like I'm sitting on a cloud! It was given to me by a friend (yes, I will love her for eternity) and I'm excited to try it, it's very important to me that Lily be as comfortable as possible when I ask her to cart me around, but I've never used one and is a saddle pad really worth that kind of money (especially when it isn't spun out of gold)!?! It's nice quality I must say and I love the color and pattern. Ultimately I guess I should just shut up and test my freebie (oh yeah I need to break my horse first hah!), but I would love to hear from anyone who has one of these pads or has ever used one. Is it worth the money or are you just paying for the Professionals Choice name?

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