Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Covergirl!

Today I managed an amazing feat, I was able to photograph a wily beast in one of her native habitats! How did I accomplish this you ask? Did I sneakily hide behind things then jump out and quickly snap said photos while she bolted for the hills? No no, it was more difficult than that as this beast is know as the Treat Snuffling Lily monster *gasp*. I took her into the arena with the intent of a photo session, but she follows me around as if she's on an invisible lead rope. I imagine I'm probably the most interesting thing in a dirt arena ( there a treat around here somewhere? snuff) so I finally grabbed a lunge whip and sent her off to see if I could capture an action shot. I actually really like this one (except there was dust on the lens!)
This next pic shows my savvy (hehheh) use of the lunge whip to keep her far enough away to get a decent shot. Lily's just thinking *snuff snuff* can I eat this??

And finally we have the inevitable "Could that possibly be a horse eating monster in the corner?!" shot. Oh wait........ is that a sparrow?? Whew!! You can never be too careful you know.

All in all I think I've finally progressed just a little in the digital photography department. I have a long long way to go, but the fact that I got the above action shot and it wasn't a blurry mess makes me very happy! Of course having such a lovely subject doesn't hurt either! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Cowgirly said...

She's darling, what a cutie!

BuddahCowgirl said...

Thank you so much! She's my girl!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Oh...she is gorgeous! I love the way her mane is flying in that first shot. And your blog header is right on. I couldn't agree more.

BuddahCowgirl said...

oh.....thank you! My blog title might be a little cumbersome, but yeah, it's how I feel 100% and I know so many others feel the same way, I appreciate you saying so!