Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Extreme Makeover : Lily Edition

I don't know about all of you, but around this time of year (especially living in Oregon) I start dreaming of warmth, sun, and a horse that does not resemble a wooly mammoth on a bad day. So since I already had Lily scheduled to have a trim, I decided to have a "spa" day of sorts and try to have her looking like the delicate beauty that she is (*snort*). It's still too cold for a real bath, but I found and bought some horse grooming wipes (like baby butt wipes) that smell fresh and because they are eucaliptusy (that can't be a word?!) they are great at cuttin' through the grime. After a once over with the curry comb and a stiff brush,these wipes really cleaned up and with a quick follow up with a soft brush, the Lilster was practically gleaming! I also had some minor mane management to deal with. Lily has a nice mane, long and decently thick, but she has a 4 inch section right in the middle that had suddenly decided that the "other" side is the place to be. I am baffled as to why,but it was going back to where it belonged, its amazing what one little braid can do! She also got a long overdue bridle path trim (boy does she love those clippers) So while I am still looking forward to sunny days and the absence of mud, my filly actually looks like a horse again!

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