Friday, February 20, 2009

The Most Important Thing

I know I've been doing some posts lately about stuff, cool stuff to be sure, that I want to order and spend lots of time drooling over, but I could never forget the reason for the stuff.......the MOST important thing and that is my horse! I'm thankful every day that I go out to the barn and inhale that unique and delightful equine scent! That combined with the scent of hay, leather, saddle soap and yes, even manure makes for a truly intoxicating aroma. Stress levels down ......happy endorphins up!!We have our little barn ritual, I greet Lily ( I usually say "Hey Miss Loo", cause I call her Lily Loo heh) I insert carrots (of course) then I groom her and make sure to really scratch right along that mane line. You know when you've gotten "the spot" because they turn their head at that "ahhhh bliss" angle! Then I turn her out and proceed to de-poopify her stall and run, lay down fresh shavings and check her auto waterer for yuckies (bugs especially ..bleck) I'm always out in the afternoon/ eve so I also fix her strategy and supplements for her dinner feeding (right now she gets Grand Hoof, Yea Sacc and Omega Horse Shine in SmartPaks......LOVE SmartPaks!!!!) After all that we'll work on ground lessons (4 days a week) and free lunging and I lunge her on a line 2-3 days a week. I have a trainer coming out to start her under saddle (and help me continue it) in March, I can't wait!!!
I'm just very thankful that I can have my girl in these stressful economic times and take nothing for granted. Fortunately I have options should I not be able to afford to board her anymore too, so one way or the other she'll be with me forever (thank God) and heck, I'll actually save tons of money because I'll never need a shrink or anti-depressants!

Love. My. Horse


Heather said...

Awww sounds like a nice routine! I wish we had a barn. Our horses are in open air pens, but next week we're fixing the fence and letting them out again. I can't wait! Well except for the feeding part, but I love them being able to roam I think it makes them happier!

BuddahCowgirl said...

Yeah I agree........horses are natural roamers! I'm going to move my filly soon because where I'm at just does not have enough turn out. It's a dairy farm so there's plenty of pasture but the part of it reserved for horses is used by the family that owns it and not is not for the boarders. We have one outdoor turn out that we have to share and we can turn out in the indoor arena if no one is using it, but it's just not enough.