Monday, February 9, 2009

Tune in to Horse Girl TV !!

I wanted to tell everyone about Horse Girl TV....... if you haven't already heard about it! Horse Girl TV is a semi-monthly Vidcast focusing on all aspects of the horse world. It's hosted by horsewoman Angelea Kelly-Walkup ( a dressage rider). There are segments on both English and Western Riding. The topics cover a wide range: basics, like grooming, essential tack, what to look for when horse shopping ,how to wrap legs, hoof care innovations and fitness for horse and rider. There are also visits to big horse shows , the Washington International and the Hampton Classic ,celebrity horse person interviews (Carson Kressley) and totally fun topics like Fox Hunting 101 and Breyer Horse Models! I especially enjoyed the segment Modern Day Cowboy: Step inside the life of a fading American Icon!! Angelea is laid back and fun to watch and this Vidcast is well worth checking out!

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